Monday, April 9, 2012

Oracle Service Bus Consume a JMS Message

Oracle Service Bus Consume a JMS Message

Setting the Service Type of a proxy service to Messaging Service allows us to set the
Protocol to jms. On a proxy service, the JMS protocol always works inbound, that is, the
proxy service is consuming messages from a queue. On a business service in contrast, the
JMS protocol always works outbound, that is, the business service is putting the message
to a queue.
  • Create a new OSB project ConsumeOSBMessage and create a proxy folder
within it.

  •  Create a new proxy service and name it JMSConsumer.

  •  Navigate to the General tab.
  •  Set the Service Type option to Messaging Service.

  • Navigate to the Messaging tab
  • Set the Request Message Type option to Text.

  • Navigate to the Transport tab.
  • Select jms for the value of the Protocol drop-down listbox.
  •  Enter the end point url

  • Navigate to the JMS Transport tab
  • Set the Destination Type option to Queue.

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