Monday, April 16, 2018

AIA 12c : Deployment Fails NoClassDefFoundError: Oracle/fabric/management/deployedcomposites/mbean/Status

When deploying AIA PIPs, if we encounter the error

"NoClassDefFoundError: Oracle/fabric/management/deployedcomposites/mbean/Status"

The reason is that the  fabric-runtime.jar is missing from the classpath.

Edit the and ensure that ${SOA_HOME}/soa/modules/oracle.soa.fabric_11.1.1/fabric-runtime.jar is in the classpath

To fix this

  • Open the file ${AIA_INSTANCE}/bin/

  • Check if the CLASSPATH has this included or not

If this is missing, backup and add that .jar to the CLASSPATH in that file and source the new
OR Exit out of file, Include/ADD that in CLASSPATH by using the export command

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