Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Oracle® SOA 12c (12.1.3 and 12.2.1) Setting Composite Title using a mediator

The setCompositeInstanceTitle operation is no longer supported in 12c. It has been replaced with oraext:setFlowInstanceTitle operation. 

To use this operation in SOA 12c (12.1.3) specifically , we need to install Patch 18310693.

Pre-install Instructions for the patch

  • Set the ORACLE_HOME environment variable to the directory where you have installed Oracle SOA Suite.

  • Stop all servers (AdminServer and all Managed server(s)).

Installation Instructions

  • Unzip the patch zip file into the PATCH_TOP.

   $ unzip -d PATCH_TOP

  • Set your current directory to the directory where the patch is located.

    $ cd PATCH_TOP/18310693

  • Run OPatch to apply the patch.

   $ opatch apply

  • Once the patch has checked all the imperative prerequisites, it will prompt to proceed with installation. Please enter Y and press Enter.

  • On successful installation, you should see the following results.

SOA 12c 12.1.3 is now ready testing the setSlowInstanceTitle.

Changes to the Mediator

  • Click on the Assign button of the Mediator and setthe following property

  • Please ensure that you use the operation setFlowInstanceTitle() as shown below
         oraext:setFlowInstanceTitle(string('The tilte is'))

  • Build your code and deploy it. You should be able to the Tile in the Enterprise Manager

Monday, June 13, 2016

Oracle® Weblogic 12.2.1: How to implement a custom UUID in for Toplink EJB 3.0

To implement a custom sequence strategy you can subclass org.eclipse.persistence.sequencing.Sequenceor StandardSequence 

StandardSequence assumes a numeric value being used so Sequence will be used for this example to return a random UUID value.

Implementation of UUIDSequence
package com.mindtelligent.worklist.model;

import java.util.UUID;
import java.util.Vector;

import org.eclipse.persistence.config.SessionCustomizer;
import org.eclipse.persistence.internal.databaseaccess.Accessor;
import org.eclipse.persistence.internal.sessions.AbstractSession;
import org.eclipse.persistence.sequencing.Sequence;
import org.eclipse.persistence.sessions.Session;

public class UUIDSequence extends Sequence implements SessionCustomizer {

public UUIDSequence() {

public UUIDSequence(String name) {

public Object getGeneratedValue(Accessor accessor,
AbstractSession writeSession, String seqName) {
return UUID.randomUUID().toString().toUpperCase();

public Vector getGeneratedVector(Accessor accessor,
AbstractSession writeSession, String seqName, int size) {
return null;

public void onConnect() {

public void onDisconnect() {

public boolean shouldAcquireValueAfterInsert() {
return false;


public boolean shouldUseTransaction() {
return false;

public boolean shouldUsePreallocation() {
return false;

public void customize(Session session) throws Exception {
UUIDSequence sequence = new UUIDSequence("system-uuid");




Registering Sequence

Add a property to persistence.xml

 <property name="eclipselink.session.customizer" value="com.mindtelligent.worklist.model.UUIDSequence"/> 



Change the EJB 3.0 Class 

@Column(name="ADDRESS_ID", nullable = false, length = 50)

Where ADDRESS_ID is the Primary Key of the table

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