Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Oracle® Fusion Middleware SOA-11g Release 2 ( Configure SAP IDocs On Oracle SOA-B2B platform

Oracle® Fusion Middleware SOA-11g Release 2 ( Configure SAP IDocs On Oracle SOA-B2B platform

This BLOG thread discusses the steps for Oracle B2B setup for SAP IDocs. The thread discusses the use of

  • Oracle EDIFECS Spec Builder Version 7.0.5
  • Oracle B2B Console for version  

Steps for building the ECS file, the Parser and XSD

  • Start the B2B Document Editor 
  • Click on File->New
  • Choose Positional Flat File
  • Choose Blank Positional

  • Press Next
  • You should be able to see a blank PFF guideline

  • Click on File-> Import
  • Select the SAP IDoc Guideline. Press next

  • Ensure the IDoc type is correct.

  • Please see below when the IDocs file is sucessfully imported

  • Click on File
  • Click Save
  • Give the Name to the ECS File

  • On the Analyzer /  Data window, open a sample Data File
  • On the Analyzer Wizard, verify the record terminator, Un-check the "First record in the guideline starts a new message and press Next, Press Finish in the subsequent window.

  • For each tag in the sample data displayed on the Analyzer / Data window, verify the tags, in the event the tags are different, 

  • Select the Record ID whose tag needs to be set, 

  • Click Edit, set Tag Value E2EDK14 (in this case). Click Set Current. Click Close

  • Ensure the Tag field is set to "Value" and  Tag Value is set to "E2EDk14"

  • Repeat this for all the elements.

Generate the Parser File

  • Click on Edit.Click on Generate Parser Schema

  • Ensure that the Record Terminator is correct and click on the browse button and give tne name to the parser file.

  • Give the name to the parser file and Click o Save

  • Copy the parser ecs  file in the directory $Oracle_SOA_Home\soa\thirdparty\edifecs\XEngine\config\schema (for eg. - D:\OFMW11g\PS3MWHome\Oracle_SOA1\soa\thirdparty\edifecs\XEngine\config\schema)

  • Add an entry for this parser ecs in $Oracle_SOA_Home\soa\thirdparty\edifecs\XEngine\config\XERegistry.xml

  • To add this entry, edit the XERegistry.xml in a text editor and add below “Positional flat parser schemas”

Salesforce.com Creating the Community

Salesforce.com Creating the Community

To create the MindTelligent Community, complete the following steps:

  • Go to Setup | Customize | Communities | All Communities | Manage Communities.

  • Click on the New Community button.

  • Enter Force MindTelligents for the community name.

  •  Enter Community for MindTelligent  Clients and Partners for the Description field to describe the purpose of the community.

  •  The next step is to enter a URL for the community. This will equate to a subdirectory name underneath the domain prefix entered by you, when you  enabled the communities and the Salesforce instance that you are running on. For this example, enter volunteers.

  • Your screen should resemble the following screenshot:

  • Verify the success message

Salesforce.com Building a Community

Salesforce.com Building a Community

The purpose of communities is to share information and support collaboration between companies, their customers, and their partners. A Salesforce organization can have multiple communities, each serving a distinct purpose or segment of customers/partners.

To enable communities in Salesforce, log in to your Salesforce Developer edition and complete the following steps:
  • Go to Setup | Customize | Communities | Settings.
  • Select Enable Communities
  • Enter a domain name prefix that will uniquely identify your communities on Force.com, and click on the Check Availability button. If the domain prefix is already used, enter a different domain prefix and try again.

  • Click on Save and then click on OK in the dialog window that will give you a warning that the changes cannot be undone.

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