Thursday, January 31, 2013

Talend ESB 5.3.X : Deployment on Talend Job Conductor using TAC

Talend ESB 5.3.X : Deployment on Talend Job Conductor using TAC

  • Talend Administration Center is a web-based application delivered with the Job Conductor and ESB Conductor modules. These modules allow you, from a single console, to:

  • Configure the remote physical execution servers and group them in virtual servers
  • Schedule time-based Jobs and create execution plans.  
  • Set up Service deployment and execution. For more information

Job Compilation

To compile all the jobs  using Talend Studio by doing the following steps

  Right click on the job that needs to be deployed à Press Export and following screen is displayed.

  •        Choose Autonomous Job
  •          Choose All the options as shown above.
  •          Click Finish..
  •          Compile all the jobs one-by-one.

Connect to TAC (Talend Administration Center)

  • Click Login
  • Click on Job Conductor as shown in the following figure.

  • Click Add on Job Conductor Page

  •   On the Right Hand Side of the screen, enter the details of the Job that needs to be deployed

  •          Once the job is uploaded, it needs to be deployed by pressing the Deploy icon.
  •      Once the job is deployed the status will be shown as “Ready To Run”

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