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Putty with XMING for OFM installations

Putty with XMING for OFM installations


PuTTY is a free terminal emulator that supports SSH, Telnet and Rlogin network protocols.
PuTTY has a graphical configuration interface with features like; storage of connection data, port forwarding and SCP and SFTP support

URL:     à

1)   Connection à Data – set Terminal-type = xterm or vt220.
        2)  Connection à SSH – order Blowfish then 3DES
3)    Window à Colours – leave background as black, Modify Default Foreground(text) as desired.
4)    Connection à SSH à X11 – click on Enable X11 forwarding box
5)    Click on Save, then Open

Xming is the leading Free Software X Window Server for Microsoft Windows.
1.       Xming-6-9-0-31-setup.exe
-Xming 2.15MB Microsoft Windows program installer.
-Standard Xming uses the OpenGL renderer.
-Installs only the absolute minimum fonts and includes the XLaunch wizard as an optional component.

2.       Xming-fonts-7-3-0-15-setup.exe
-Font package
-Xming-fonts 30.0MB optional extra, may be used to supersede the
-absolute minimum 'Bitmap fonts' installed with Xming as well as
-providing the bulk of X Window standard fonts.
àRequired for Oracle GUI
àInstall fonts in the folder where Xming is already installed.

Execute Xming – icon will open in system tray on bottom right of screen.

Execute PuTTY à connect to server à enter xterm – the new window will open.
In the new xterm window start your GUI

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