Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Amazon Elastic EC2: Steps to launch an Amazon EC2 Instance

Amazon Elastic EC2: Steps to launch an Amazon EC2 Instance

This thread discusses the steps to launch a Linux instance using AWS Management Console.

  • To launch an Amazon EC2 instance, open the Amazon EC2 console using the URL
  • This will take you the following page.

  • Click on Launch Instance
  • Select The Amazon Machine Image (AMI).  Select the 64 bit Amazon Linux AMI. Marked

  • Select t1.micro from the instance type page. Click on Next: Configure Instance Details. This will navigate you to the "Configure Instance Details" Page

  • Click on Review and Launch.

  • Select "Make General Purpose SSD the default boot volume for all instances from the console going forward " as the option.

  • Click on Edit Security Groups from the Review Instance Launch screen

  • Select an existing security group. Select the check box and click on Review and Launch

  • Click on Launch

  • Choose and Existing Key pair if the key pair exists OR create another pair of key.
  • Click on Launch Instance

  • On the Resource screen, click on Running Instance

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