Thursday, February 12, 2015

Oracle® Fusion Middleware OES-11g Release 2 ( - Steps to Setup Auditing for OES

Oracle® Fusion Middleware OES-11g Release 2 ( - Steps to Setup Auditing for OES

1Create an Oracle database for Audit purposes

2Run ./rcu to load the OES Audit schema, in database created in step number 1 Make sure to Select "AS Common Schema -> Audit Services for OES" set prefix -> AUDIT (important for next step)

3-Start APM domain and open weblogic console -> http://host:7001/console Create a JDBC connection, setting values according to your database Under JDBC, click the Data Sources link Create new jdbc Data Source JNDI Name -> jdbc/AuditDB user is the prefix set in RCU process + _IAUOES -> AUDIT_IAUOES  

password set during RCU -> welcome1
Make sure "Test Connection" is successful

4-Stop APM domain

5-Edit Oracle/Middleware/user-projects/domains/APM/config/fmwconfig/jps-config.xml,
Set Audit properties as follows

<serviceInstance name="audit" provider="audit.provider"> 
<property name="audit.filterPreset" value="All"/> 
<property name="audit.maxDirSize" value ="500000"/> 
<property name="audit.maxFileSize" value ="50000"/> 
<property name="audit.loader.jndi" value="jdbc/AuditDB"/>
 <property name="audit.loader.interval" value="15" /> 
<property name="audit.loader.repositoryType" value="Db" /> 

6-Start APM Domain

7-Go to your Audit schema, and check the information stored Connect based your user info, for example -> ./sqlplus audit_iauoes/welcome1 run a sql to test, 


to check a couple of records where the information was stored

For more information on Audit schema refer to the  following documentation link in Oracle Fusion Middleware Application Security Guide (12.5 Advanced Management of Database Store):

8.) Ensure that your jps-config.xml is configured accurately as follows

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone='yes'?>
<jpsConfig xmlns="" 
 schema-major-version="11" schema-minor-version="1">

     <serviceProvider name="audit.provider" type="AUDIT" class="">

   <serviceInstance name="audit" provider="audit.provider">
      <property name="audit.filterPreset" value="Low"/>
      <property name="audit.specialUsers" value ="admin, fmwadmin" />
      <property name="audit.customEvents" value ="JPS:CheckAuthorization, CreateCredential; OIF:UserLogin"/>
      <property name="audit.loader.jndi" value="jdbc/AuditDB"/>
      <property name="audit.loader.interval" value="15" />
      <property name="audit.maxDirSize" value="102400" />
      <property name="audit.maxFileSize" value="10240" />      
      <property name=" audit.loader.repositoryType " value="Db" />      
    <jpsContexts default="default">
        <jpsContext name="default">
            <serviceInstanceRef ref="audit"/>

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