Thursday, September 1, 2011

AIA Change the AIAInstallPropertiesFile Credentials

  • Ensure that you have XManager installed if you have a remote server as we will be needing GUI.
  • Go to the following location: $AIA_HOME/util/UpdateStore
  • Run the below command:

ant -f $AIA_HOME/util/updateStore.xml updateStore -DAdminUsername=weblogic -DAminPassword=<the 'weblogic' user's password>

DAdminUsername the weblogic Admin username
DAminPassword  the weblogic Admin password

  • A GUI window will pop up, there please enter the user id and password and then the XPATH for the password from the AIAInstallProperties.xml (i.e. /properties/fp/server/password)

     View the  AIAInstallProperties.xml file:

  • Repeat step 3 till all the weblogic password's are encrypted in the AIAInstallProperties.xml file.

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