Thursday, February 23, 2017

SOA 12c: How to remove folder and Files from MDS

The folder or individual files can be removed from SOA using WLST scripts. WLST scripts can also be used for deployment of MDS. Enterprise Manager can also be used to export and import the MDS.

Please click here to see how to use Enterprise Manager to import and export MDS

However, for deletion, please refer to following steps

On the FMW server, navigate to #ORACLE_COMMON/bin
cd ${ORACLE_HOME}/oracle_common/common/bin

Execute file:

Give the command
connect('weblogic','password','t3://WeblogicHost:7001') //Please use the Weblogic Admin Server Port here.

Give The Command to remove a specific folder. This command will remove the /app/Test folder.
sca_removeSharedData(' http://soaHost:ManagedServerPort','Test')

sca_removeSharedData(' http://localhost:8001','Test')

You should see following message:

wls:/soainfra/serverConfig/> sca_removeSharedData(' http://localhost:8000','Test')
serverURL =  http://localhost:8000
folderName = Test
user = None
INFO: Creating HTTP connection to host:localhost, port:8000
Enter username and password for realm 'default' on host localhost:8000
Authentication Scheme: Basic
Username: weblogic
INFO: Received HTTP response from the server, response code=200

---->Remove shared data success.

Give The Command to remove a specific file. This command will remove the file: /apps/Test/SOAPService.wsdl'


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