Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Setup Oracle SOA B2B for ebXML documents using ebMS 2.0 protocol

For a large EDI initiative MindTelligent Team was involved in, the assignment was to setup a Oracle B2B exchange for ebXML using ebMS 2.0 protocol  This blog discusses the steps to configure Oracle SOA suite B2B server to exchange ebXML using ebMS 2.0 protocol. The post assumes that the user has some prior knowledge of Oracle SOA B2B servers

  • Set up the document definition.
    • Document Protocol Version: ebXML_Version_1.0
    • Document Type: ebXMLOrderType
      • Action Name ebXMLOrderAction
      • Service Name ebXMLOrderService
      • Service Type ebXMLOrderServiceType
      • From Role AskMind
      • To Role DST

  • Document Definition: ebXMLOrder_def 
    • In this example, we are processing a flat file using ebMS 2.0. The option we choose is
    • Identification Start Position: 1 (Depending on identification of your flat file)
    • Identification End Position: 1 (Depending on identification of your flat file)
    • Identification Value: C  (Depending on identification of your flat file)

Setting up "Delivery Channel" for you outbound payloads.

  • Click on Partners-->Channels
  • Select Protocol as ebMS-2.0
  • Enter Transport Protocol Parameters
    • URL: http://hostname:port/b2b/httpReceiver
    • User Name: Weblogic user name of remote server
    • Password: Password of the remote server
  • Channel Attributes
    • Ack Mode Async

Develop a composite to initiate the process. Ensure that the following assignments are made in the composite

            <copy target="$"
            <copy target="$"
            <copy target="$"
            <copy target="$"
            <copy target="$"
            <copy target="$"
            <copy target="$"
              <copy target="$"

For questions, comments and feedback,  please contact:
 Harvinder Singh Saluja

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