Saturday, March 26, 2011

Setup Two Way SSL on Weblogic Server

Setup Two Way SSL on Weblogic Server

  • The first step is to have identity and certificates in place.
  • Run the command to setup environment to use Weblogic Server utilities.

Use the command to create Identity Key (IdentityName.jks) store for Weblogic. 
If a self generated private key need to the created, please read 
the information for the following link here. If a key needs to be 
java utils.ImportPrivateKey 

-certfile <cert_file> -keyfile <private_key_file>
[-keyfilepass <private_key_password>]
-keystore <keystore> -storepass <storepass> [-storetype <storetype>]
-alias <alias> [-keypass <keypass>]
  • Copy the Identity Keystore in the $WLS_HOME/server/lib folder
  • Using the Weblogic Console, navigate to servers->keystore->Choose the option Cusom Identity Java Certificates options.
  • Enter the location of the identity key store, with the complete path.
  • Enter the pass phrase with which the the identity store was created.
  • Enter the pass phrase of the of Java Key store. If not changed, the pass phrase will be "change it"
  • Press save. Server restart may not be required.
  • For questions, comments and feedback,  please contact:

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