Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oracle Service Bus Security using OWSM: Create Service Accounts Part 1

Service Accounts

A service account provides a user name and password that proxy services and business services use for outbound authentication or authentication to a local or remote resource, such as an FTP server or a JMS server. For example, if a business service is required to supply a user name and password for transport-level authentication with a Web Service, you create a service account that specifies the user name and password, then you configure the business service to include the service-account credentials in its outbound requests.
The user names and passwords that you enter in service accounts are used for outbound authentication or for providing credentials to local or remote resources. The user names and passwords that you enter in the Security Configuration module of the Oracle Service Bus Console are used for inbound authentication and for authenticating administrative requests.

Adding Service Accounts

  1. If you have not already done so, click Create to create a new session or click Edit to enter an existing session.  
  2. Select Project Explorer, then select a project or folder in which to add the service account. The Project/Folder View page is displayed.
  3. From the Create Resource drop-down list, select Service Account to display the Create a New Service Account page

  1. In the Resource Name field, enter a unique name for this service account.
  2. In the Resource Description field, enter a description for the service account.
  3. Under Resource Type, do one of the following:
    • To create a service account that provides the user names and passwords that it receives from incoming client requests, select Pass Through.
    • To create a service account that provides a user name and password that you save with the service account configuration, select Static.
    • To create a service account that maps the user name from one or more authenticated clients to user names and passwords that you specify, select Mapping.

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  1. Hi Harvinder,

    Need your assistance. Could you please assist me in guiding which service account type should be created to append plaintext username/password in Usernametoken to all outbound requests. Should it be static. Tried doing that but when I test from my proxy service debugger, it does not append username and password in header


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