Thursday, June 5, 2014

Installation of OES client 11g Release 2

Installation of OES client 11g Release 2

    The OES architecture is composed of two components that work together to form the overall solution of the product:
    • The OES Administration side manages OES policies and their related artifacts.
    • The OES Security Module (SM) Client side provides policy enforcement and decision points for applications.
    This section shows you how to install the OES SM Client product. This process installs the product's files only on the file system. It does not include any configuration or association with any applications. The next section covers how to create an SM instance by  using the OES SM Client product.
    Perform the following steps to install the OES SM Client product:
    • In a terminal window, navigate to the folder containing product binaries and execute the OES SM Client installer:
      cd /stage/fmw/oes_client/Disk1
      ./runInstaller -jreLoc /u01/app/oracle/fmw/jdk1.6.0_34
    • Welcome: Click Next.

    • Prerequisite Checks: Verify that all prerequisites passed and click Next.

    • Installation Location: Enter the Oracle Home Directory: /u01/app/oracle/fmw/oes_client.

    • Installation Summary: Click Install.

    • Installation Progress: When the Progress bar displays 100%, click Next.

    • Installation Complete: Click Finish.

    Now that you have installed the OES SM Client product, you are ready to create a new WebLogic domain. You will configure it to use an OES WebLogic SM instance.

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