Thursday, June 5, 2014

Installation Of Oracle Entitlement Server 11g Rel 2

    Installation Of Oracle Entitlement Server 11g Rel 2

    You create the OES database schema by using RCU.
     In a terminal window, execute RCU as follows:
    After the RCU installation window opens, perform the following steps to create the OES schemas:
    • On the Welcome page, click Next.

    • On the Create Repository page, accept Create (the default option) and click Next.

    • On the Database Connection Details page, accept the default setting for Database Type (Oracle Database), enter the fields in the following table, and then click Next.
      Host Name:localhost
      Service Name:orcl

    • In the Repository Creation Utility - Checking Prerequisites dialog box, ensure that all prerequisite checks passed (look for green check marks in the first column), and click OK.

    • On the Select Components page, perform the following actions:
      1. accept the default setting of DEV for the "Create a new Prefix" value.
      2. In the Component column, expand AS Common Schemas and the select Metadata Services, Audit Services for OES, and Oracle Platform Security Services (OPSS) check boxes.
      3. Ensure that the schema names are DEV_MDS for Metadata Services and DEV_OPSS for Oracle Platform Security Services.
      4. Click Next.

    • In the Repository Creation Utility - Checking Prerequisites dialog box, click OK.

    • On the Schema Passwords page, accept the default selection ("Use the same passwords for all schemas"), enter oracle in the Password and Confirm Password fields, and then click Next.

    • On the Map Tablespaces page, a row for Metadata Services and OPSS is displayed.

      Because OES provides authorization features for OPSS, use this entry  to create the schema used for OES.

      Perform the following actions:
      1. Accept the default settings for tablespaces.
      2. Click Next.

    • The Repository Creation Utility dialog box indicates that the tablespaces do not exist and will be created.

      Click OK to create the tablespaces.

    • In the Repository Creation Utility - Creating Tablespaces dialog box, click OK.

    • On the Summary page, confirm that the settings are correct and click Create.

    • On the Completion Summary page, confirm successful creation of the component schemas and click Close.
    Now that you have created the OES database schemas, you can install the OES Administration Server.

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