Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Oracle® Fusion Middleware Identity Governance Framework Initialize and Obtain Identity Directory Handle from JPS Context

The Identity Governance Framework (IGF) initiative enables secure exchange of identity-related information between users and applications and service providers. It provides privacy and governance semantics to applications and services infrastructure.

The following code sample initializes and obtains the identity directory handle from JPS context.
import oracle.igf.ids.UserManager;
import oracle.igf.ids.GroupManager;
import oracle.igf.ids.config.OperationalConfig;
import oracle.igf.ids.IdentityDirectoryFactory;
import oracle.igf.ids.IdentityDirectory;
import oracle.igf.ids.IDSException;

import oracle.security.jps.JpsContext;
import oracle.security.jps.JpsContextFactory;
import oracle.security.jps.service.idstore.IdentityStoreService;

public class IdsSample {

    private IdentityDirectory ids;
    private UserManager uMgr;
    private GroupManager gMgr;

    public IdsSample() throws IDSException {

        // Get IdentityDirectory from JpsContext
        try {
            JpsContext context =
            IdentityStoreService idstore = (IdentityStoreService)
            ids = idstore.getIdentityStore();
        } catch (Exception e) {
            throw new IDSException(e);

 // Get UserManager and GroupManager handles
        uMgr = ids.getUserManager();
        gMgr = ids.getGroupManager();

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