Monday, September 8, 2014

Oracle® Fusion Middleware OES-11g Release 2 ( Oracle Entitlements Server WebLogic Security Module High Availability


1. Run OESCLIENT_HOME/oessm/bin/ to create a WebLogic Security Module and a WebLogic Server domain.
   For example: ./ -smType wls -smConfigId <wls_name> -serverLocation <wls_home> -pdServer <oes_admin_server> -pdPort <oes_admin_ssl_port>
2. On the Welcome screen, select Create a WebLogic Domain then click Next.

3. On the Select Domain Source screen, select Generate a domain configured automatically to support the following added products. From the list, select Oracle Entitlements Server WebLogic Security Module on Weblogic For Managed Server.

4. On the Specify Domain Name and Location screen, enter the name and location for the domain and all its applications.

5. On the Configure Administration Server Username and Password screen, enter the admin user name and password

6. On the Configure Server Start Mode and JDK screen, select Production Mode and JDK.

7. On the Configure Administration Server screen, enter the following:
    Name: AdminServer
    Listen address: All Local Addresses
    Listen port: 7001
    SSL listen port: 7002
    Select SSL Enabled then click Next.

8. Create two managed servers as the following:
    Name           Listen Address      Port     SSL
   wlssm_server1  All Local Addresses  14610   14611  
   wlssm_server2  All Local Addresses  14612   14613

9. Create a cluster and add wlssm_server1, wlssm_server2 to the cluster.

10. Finish to create the domain.

11. Start the admin Server,  wlssm_server1 and wlssm_server2, make sure to have Node Manager Running, 
having StartScriptEnabled=true

12. Check in deployments => oracle.oes.client.pd.ssl ( Active

13. You will see "PDP registration succeeded".

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