Monday, December 15, 2014

Oracle® Fusion Middleware OES-11g Release 2 ( Create delegated administrator

Oracle® Fusion Middleware OES-11g Release 2 ( Create delegated administrator 

  • Expand the Applications node in the Navigation Panel.
  • Select the Application to modify.
  • Right-click the Application name and select Open from the menu. The General, Delegated Administrators, Policy Distribution and Simulation tabs are all active.
  • Click the Delegated Administrators tab. The Application name is listed in the displayed table. Click the arrow next to the Application name to see the default ApplicationPolicyAdmin created when the Application object was created. Click the Administrator Role name to display its details, in tabs, below the Delegated Administrators table. 
    • Role Details
    • External Role Mapping
    •  External User Mapping
  • Click New to create a new Administrator Role. Be sure to select the name of the Application to activate New. Alternately, select the Application and select New from the Actions menu. A New Administrator Role dialog is displayed.

  • Provide the following values for the new Administrator Role and click OK. Delegating Application Administration  Name: The entry must be a unique.  Display Name and  Description

  • Select the new Administrator Role to activate its configuration tabs. The Role Details tab is active.
  • Click Edit to define the role details. An Edit Administrator Role dialog is displayed.
  •  Grant View or Manage privileges for the appropriate policy objects and click Save.

Select View or Manage for the listed policy objects. For example, Admin Policy allows the administrator to assign new permissions to an Admin Role. Admin Role, however, allows the administrator to assign members to an Admin Role. 

  • Click the External Role Mapping tab to grant the Administrator Role to members of External Roles. User and groups displayed are from the first LDAP provider with sufficient flag defined in WebLogic Server.
  • Click Add to display the Search Principals dialog.
  •  Complete the query fields in the External Roles search box and click Search. Empty strings fetch all roles. The results display in the Search Results table.
  • Select the external role to map to by clicking its name in the table. Use Ctrl+click to select multiple roles.
  • Click Add Principals. The selected roles display in the External Role Mapping tab.

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