Friday, December 19, 2014

Oracle® Fusion Middleware SOA-11g Release 2 ( XML Gateway Integration (Inbound) Part 2. Steps to build Oracle Apps Adapter connection from JDeveloper

Oracle® Fusion Middleware SOA-11g  XML Gateway Integration (Inbound) Part  2. Steps to build Oracle Apps Adapter connection from JDeveloper

  • Open JDeveloper and create a new SOA Project

  • On the composite design screen, click on Oracle Applications. This will bring up the Adapter Configuration Screen. Click Next.

  • Enter the Service Name and press Next.

  • Enter the DB Connection Name and the JNDI Connection Name that was created using Post
  • Press Next

  • Navigate to Other Interfaces Custom Objects and Choose XML Gateway as an option and select the desired Map in XML Gateway

  • Choose the specific schema tied to XML Gateway.

  • This creates Oracle Apps Adapter for the use within the composite.
  • Please ensure that the following header properties are set from withing Invoke of BPEL process 

    <invoke name="InvokeWriteToECXQueue"
                  partnerLink="WriteToECXQueue" portType="ns7:Enqueue_ptt"
                  operation="Enqueue" bpelx:invokeAsDetail="no">
            <bpelx:inputProperty name="jca.apps.ecx.TransactionType"
            <bpelx:inputProperty name="jca.apps.ecx.TransactionSubtype"
            <bpelx:inputProperty name="jca.apps.ecx.PartySiteId"
            <bpelx:inputProperty name="jca.apps.ecx.MessageType"
            <bpelx:inputProperty name="jca.apps.ecx.MessageStandard"
            <bpelx:inputProperty name="jca.apps.ecx.DocumentNumber"

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