Monday, May 4, 2015

Oracle® Identity & Access Manager / SOA Stack : Find the password for default-keystore.jks and .xldatabasekey keystores and stored keys.

The passwords for the keystores are saved in CSF - Credential Store Framework - filestore ($DOMAIN_ROOT/config/fmwconfig/cwallet.sso) and thus it's accessible via CSF API / Mbeans.

The easiest way to find the password in cleartext is to use the JpsCredentialStore MBean via Enterprise Manager:

1. Login to EM
2. Browse to

   WebLogic Domain -> <Domain> -> System MBean Browser

3. In MBean Browser browse to

   Application Defined MBeans -> -> Domain: <Domain>
     -> JpsCredentialStore

4. From Operations tab execute the getPortableCredentialMap operation with
   following parameter:

   Name     Type              Value
   -------- ----------------  ---------------------
   p1       java.lang.String  oim

5. Browse through the provided credential list to get the password
   in human readable form for the entry you are interested in.

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