Friday, June 30, 2017

SOA Cloud 12c GIT Repository

When a project is created, you can choose to initialize the project with one project Git repository for the project. A Maven repository is also created. If required, you can add more project Git repositories, external Git repositories, import Git repositories, and configure auto-cleanup of the to the project Maven repository.

This BLOG discusses steps to create the GIT repository :- 

  • Login to the Oracle Developer Cloud Services and Select Create New Project.

  • Click Next

  • Choose the option to create a Empty Project
  • Choose Wiki Markup as Mark Down

  • A few seconds of provisioning later the Project will be accessible – navigate to the Code Section of the Developer Services Project and hit the New Repository button. This will start the process to create a new git repository. Make sure not to initialize it, but simply create an Empty Repository.

  • Project successfully created
  • The Next Step is to create a GIT Repository
  • Enter the Name and Description
  • Choose the option to create "Empty Repository"
  • Click Create

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