Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service: Oracle Kafka Solution

Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service delivers the power of Kafka as a managed streaming data platform integrated into the Oracle Cloud ecosystem. Create Topics and start streaming or manage and deploy your own Dedicated Kafka Cluster with Elastic Scalability.
Perform the following steps to create an Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service - Topic instance. You can skip this section, if you already have an Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service - Topic instance and plan to use that for this demo.
  1. Log in to your Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service - Topic account.
  2. In the Services page, click Create Service.
  3. The Create Service screen appears. Provide the following details and click Next.
    • Service Name: topicdemo
    • Service Description: Example to demo topic
    • Hosted On: platformdemo
    • Number of Partitions: 2
    • Retention Period (Hours): 24
    Service page of Create Service wizard
    Note: The platformdemo is the name of the Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service - Platform cluster in which the topic will be created. You can provide a different name if you want to host this in a different Oracle Event Hub Cloud - Platfrom cluster.
  4. In the Confirm page, if you find the details appropriate, click Create.
    Confirmation page of Create Service wizard
  5. The control returns to the Services page. In the Services page, you could now see the new topicdemo service listed.
    Services page
  6. Click on the Event Hub icon adjacent to the topicdemo instance to go to the Service Overview page.
  7. In the Service Overview page, observe the Topic field. This is the name of the Topic service that will be used in programs demonstrated in this tutorial.
    Service Overview page

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