Friday, November 25, 2011

Configure Multiple Identity Stores for Oracle Access Manager

Configure Multiple Identity Stores for Oracle Access Manager

By default the Oracle Access Manager comes with the "UserIdentityStore1", This identity store is configured with the Embedded LDAP Server of Weblogic instance on which the OAM is running. To view the default identity store of OAM:
  • Log on to OAM console using the url http://host:port/oamsonsole; default 7001.
  • Select System Configuration Tab
  • Navigate to Data Sources->User Identity Stores

  • Create User Identity Store
         To create new user identity store from OAM Administration console
         Login to OAM Console -> Select System Configuration Tab -> expand Data Sources ->
        select User Identity Stores. From Browse click on Actions drop down menu and click

  • Name the identity store as UserIdentityStoreSecondary and choose the identity store.

  • Press Test Connection on the Top Right Hand Side to see if the connection to the identity store is setup up correctly.

  •  Press Apply to save changes

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