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Host Identifiers & how to configure one on Oracle Access Manager (11g)

Host Identifiers & how to configure one on Oracle Access Manager (11g)

The Oracle Access Manager 11g policy model provides both authentication and authorization services within the context of an OAM application domain. The policy model relies on external user identity stores and on authentication modules, which are a part of the overall system configuration.

Policies protect resources on computer hosts. Within Oracle Access Manager, the computer host is specified independently using a host identifier. Based on a defined host identifier, administrators can add specific resources to an application domain and apply policies to protect those resources.
  • A host identifier is automatically created when an Agent (and application) are registered using either the OAM Administration Console or the remote registration tool. Administrators can manually add a host identifier if an application and resources exist on a host that does not have a mapped host identifier. Also, administrators can modify an existing host identifier to add in the new host name variations. For instance, adding another proxy Web server with a different host name requires a new host name variation.

To manually create a Host Identifier
  1. From the Policy Configuration tab, navigation tree, expand Shared Components.
  2. Click Host Identifiers, then click the Create command button in the tool bar.
    Alternatively: Expand the Host Identifiers node, double-click the name of a definition to use as a template, then click the Duplicate button to create a copy named copyofname.

  3. On the Host Identifier page, fill in the:
    1. Name
    2. Description
    3. Operations: Add (or remove) host name and port variations in the Operations list.
      Add: Click + and enter a new host name and port combination.
      Remove: Click a host name, then click the Delete button to remove it.
  4. Repeat step 3c as needed to identify all variations of this host that users can access.

  5. Click Apply to submit the new definition (or close the page without applying changes).


  6. Close the Confirmation window, and confirm the new definition is listed in the navigation tree.

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