Friday, November 25, 2011

Registering OAM Partners (Agents & Applications)

Oracle Access Manager partners are agents that act as filters for http requests. Agents can be of following types:
  • OAM Agents
    • OAM11g Webgates
    • OAM10g Webgates
  • OSSO Agents
    • mod_osso Agent
  • Access Gates
    • Custom WebGates created using OAM software Development Kit.
  • IDMDomainAgent – IDM Domain Agent provides single sign-on
    functionality for IDM Administration Console.  This agent is create by default during the installation process of OAM.
    There are two ways to register Agents
  1. Registering Agents using Administration Console.
  2. Registering Agents using command line using Remote Registration Tool.

Registering 11g/10g Webgates using Administration Console
      To Create OAM Agents (10g/11g WebGate) using OAM Administration Console
  1. Login to OAM Administration Console and select System Configuration.
  2. In the Welcome screen, Select appropriate OAM Agent (11g WebGates or 10g WebGates) and click on Create button from tool bar .
  3. Choose to create a "New OAM 10g Webgate" or "New OAM 1g Webgate"

  • Enter the WebGate Name: DevWebGateforEBS.

  1.  Name: This is identifying name of WebGate Agent
  2. Agent Base URL: is hostname and port of computer on which Web Server for which this agent is installed. Port number is optional.
  3. Click on Apply to save the information and view the confirmation message.


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